500 by Gucci

Couple of months ago Fiat announced a limited edition Fiat 500 by Gucci. After that time, I did not hear anything about this car. Hopefully, I saw the new photos from Fiat. Unexpectedly photos are with a woman, called Natasha Poly. Instead of details of the 500 by Gucci, we can see the details of Natasha.
Let’s go back to 500 by Gucci, interpretation of 500 by contemporary fashion Gucci is better than my expectations. Except too many Gucci logos! The reason why I am surprised with by Gucci edition is the exquisite interior detail quality. Gucci reflected the high quality production inside the car also, this situation does not happen all the time. Some of the limited editions only focused on sticking its logo around the car and does not focus on increasing the production quality. However, Gucci realised how to interpret the car interior and we did not see any disappointing result. Even though I am not a Gucci fan, after 500 by Gucci edition I changed my perception towards the brand.
This sexy fashion item is going to be available on June with starting price of €17000. Honestly, for this price tag you cannot buy something special like this! But Mini by Goodwood edition is also a very strong rival ;)
If you are planning to reserve one, here is the website

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