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Best outfit in Pulse of the City: Evoque

For last one decade SUV vehicles became more city friendly and designed better, more efficient, more comfortable, less capable of off roading; even though we have some cases like Lincoln Navigator and Chevrolet Suburban XXXL. Especially Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Land Rover have respectful contribution to this.

Last year, Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Evoque. One of the best looking small SUVs on market. Actually, it is better looking than its big brothers! Since Land Rover revealed the Evoque, I always noticed high quality photographs pictured the diversifying design details of Evoque. From each angle, Evoque looks magnificent. However, there are some expectations each photo is not under the control of Land Rover and I found something really shocking!

The photo, which you can see below, is from Pulse of the City event in US and many celebrities were invited. As usual, popular culture celebrities dress up to impress other people. Most of the photos from the event is what you expect, nice looking people with designer brands, etc…

Unfortunately, some of them interpret the impression word in a very different way. From that point of view, attending an event means, you can wear whatever you want or don’t bother to change your outfit just attend with the same clothes you wear at home! Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Cee Lo Green did the same, it is crystal clear that he even did not even bother to change his slippers with shoes and came to the event with his comfortable home clothes.

I think this is the most impressive contemporary Evoque photo!





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