Brushed Metal Exterior

In case you are planning to buy a new house with contemporary design, you might have seen some interesting interior designs. In my opinion, some of them are really creative and altered the traditional interpretation. Some of these new design concept change something really fundamental!

We used to have houses with walls covered with colour, this is what we all expected from a house. It was not usual to see a house interior with no colour, I mean no body was willing to have a house with a plain concrete walls. Nowadays, this idea starts vanish and people pay lots of money to have houses with a no proper colour on their wall. Actually they buy houses with plain concrete walls!

Honestly, I first saw this design concept in TV series 24 and I liked it. It took time to get used to it but it looks nice.

As the traditional walls are replaced with concrete walls, why don’t we have plain metal cars! I would like to have a car with brushed metal, I do not mean this as a colour. I don’t wish to have a colour coating, I wish plain metal, sure with protection coating and etc. But I don’t want any colours. People might think this will look weird and odd but it may look nice though. I think many people can remember that, DeLorean DMC was like this and it wasn’t looking that bad! I am pretty sure that car designer may introduce this option in few year’s time.

It is already available with Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. They both look exquisite.

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