Ford Focus vs. Audi A3 Vol. 2

I have noticed that people are confused between the new Ford Focus and Audi A3. This idea did not appear on my mind suddenly, I noticed the Google search result on my blog. And many people were trying to find out which is the best!

In order to provide free public service, I would like to express my opinions very quickly. Please try to find the appropriate option for yourself :)

First, are you planning to show off or perceived as a rich person? If you are saying yes this, just buy the ageing Audi A3. Whatever Ford Focus can offer to you cannot satisfy your desire your huge desire to impress people. For these people, you don’t need to read more.

Second, are you planning to buy a car which offers technology and looks nice? If yes, buy the Ford Focus. When you buy with full technological gadgets, you will have memory seats, active grille shuttering system, road sigh recognition, radar guided cruise control, keyless entry, torque vectoring control (This system is also found in BMW X6), lane departure warning, ability to park by itself, low speed auto breaking to avoid collision. Unfortunately, Audi A3 does not offer this wide range of technologies due to its ageing lifecycle. More technology the same money, buy Ford Focus.

Third, do you wish to have a car which looks nice and offer luxury interior? Ford Focus looks better than Audi A3. In terms of interior, Audi A3 is better than Ford Focus but A3 looks old. Unfortunately, you need to decide which is satisfying your taste. Honestly, Audi A3 has a better interior.

Four, if none of the condition matching your unique taste. And you are looking for a car looks nice, drives nice and new? So, you need to buy the Ford Focus. It looks nice, it drives nice, it is new, even the standard package offers similar technology with Audi A3. Eventually, Ford Focus is a new car and Audi A3 is quite old one. For you, there is no point to pour money to something old and offers nothing really special than a more exquisite brand image.

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