Lexus Luggage

Today Lexus announced its new product range. Don’t expect to hear a new car, that is the new luggage series. Like Porsche, Lexus decided to extend its brand with luggage and they expect people to buy them! However, there is a serious problem with Lexus. Unfortunately, except USA nobody likes Lexus. Even in Japan people don’t drive Lexus that much, they prefer Mercedes. Basically, Lexus is the king only in USA and not in Europe.
Sure, Lexus is a good car and reliable and efficient and boring and lack of passion (CT 200h is not that bad but not that good either). These types of positive and negative sides can be found in other brands also, however what makes them different is the emotional bond among the brand and the consumers. Therefore, we buy Porsche Design products and visit Ferrari Stores. These brands also have adverse sides but the emotional approach overcomes on those.
Unfortunately, Lexus does not have that type of bond among consumers. So, I am not expecting to see Lexus luggage that often.

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