Mercedes S Class S600 P Police Car from Mexico

Mercedes s class is always considered as a car to be driven by state members, rich people, lottery winners and anyone who has lots of money to spend on a car. And thanks to Mercedes, you can have many different engines with bullet proof option. The engine range of S class is more complicated than the handbags those are appeared in London Fashion Week!
Besides this engine confusion, there is one thing more! S600 P, this is produced in Mexico (Mercedes produces S classes in Mexico too) and driven by Mexican police. Sounds really interesting and can motivate some people to work in Mexican police department :) This car is equipped with S65’s twin turbo engine and bulletproof! Sounds confusing, it is like bullet proof AMG. And interestingly Chinese government interested on this bulletproof AMG and received some :)
I am pretty sure that, there are some people are willing to buy a bulletproof AMG! Like people who are willing to buy handbags which are not designed for usability. Bullet proof AMG, will not be something really fast. It would be something looks sporty and keeps you alive.
This vehicle on the picture is non face-lifted S Class, this means it is manufactured before 2010. I couldn’t find face-lifted S Class Guard photos in Mercedes-Benz media library!




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