New BMW 6 Series with naked eyes

For quite long time I was planning to visit a BMW dealer to see the new BMW 6 Series with my own eyes. As I mentioned many times before, it is one of the best looking GT on market with a reasonable price tag relative to Aston Martin! New 6 Series is good to be true, a well-designed car with a very sophisticated interior and lots of technology is packed.  This perfect equation might have some gaps and I wanted to know them.
My expectation was, I will enter the 6 Series and the interior would not be as good as the press release pictures. As you know that, car companies have great photography teams and they can turn a Lada Niva into a Range Rover with some tricks. Therefore, if you want to know a car better, you have to see with your own eyes.
On Saturday I went to Synter BMW dealer in Birmingham. From the Google Maps, it seemed to be a longer distance for walking but it was not. Despite I visited the dealer on Saturday, it was not that crowded. Usually on weekends, car dealers are busy but the good weather helped me to have a relaxed visit.
New 6 Series is the same as you saw on pictures. Exterior design is excellent, from the rear you can see some bits of classic 635i. As you expected, exterior has the night vision camera, rain sensors, long beam sensors, rear view camera and etc. The important thing is the interior. If you are driving a 1 Series or 3 Series, after seeing new 6 Series you will be really disappointed with your car. Because, it is amazing! Everywhere is full of leather, wood and aluminium. And BMW realised its mistake with pedal shifts, they replaced them. Now the right is minus and the left is plus, which is easier to use and not confusing. Ergonomics is excellent and iDrive does not make you crazy. The only drawback is the rear seats, there are very limited space available. This is something very usual for cabrio cars. This 6 Series is a cabrio and the tent consumes some respectful space. Therefore don’t expect long trip to be comfortable in rear seats.
Unfortunately, I did not have chance to drive it but I did what I want to do! Don’t expect have the same experience like in an Aston Martin but believe me, it deserves its price tag! You will not feel depressed when you see the other GTs ;) Basically, if you have money to buy a new 6 Series, go and buy one. You don’t have to think too much :)

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