Range Rover Evoque Live: Birmingham NEC

Cars and visual arts, I am not an expert on visual art but I can imagine these are two different elements. One of them a metal designed to be mobilize people and visual arts are harmony of different forms of art.
The Range Rover Evoque is the new generation Land Rover product family and something totally new to this brand. I can see the same similarity, Land Rover offers SUV with relatively big size, focused on off roading capabilities and practicality. And Evoque is something totally different; a new design concept, relatively smaller than Discovery 4, designed to cope with adverse road conditions in city life. Evoque is a domesticated Land Rover for contemporary city life. From an objective point of view, Land Rover managed to achieve it very well.
Honestly, I didn’t attend many car events. However, I know how they are! Most of them take place in hotels with some music and colourful lights. There might be several models of the car and some brochures and if you are lucky, they might give you some free things. Even though I know this ugly truth about these events, I always try to attend any event to see the car.
Couple of months ago I saw the Range Rover Evoque show and excited to attend. The information was very brief; music and live dance show! I was not expecting to see something extra ordinary. There is going to be several Evoques, a short dance show and that’s all.
It was one of the most creative shows I have ever seen. It would be unfair to compare with car show. If I compare with Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that’s would be a better benchmark. It was totally amazing, the composition of the show and its engagement with the Evoque is a state of art.
Each Evoque model had its own story during the show; Pure, Dynamic and Prestige. Show starts with Pure, models catwalk with white colour dress. Then Dynamic, ambient colour turn into red and shows two dancers appear on stage. It is definitely narrating the character of Dynamic model, you can feel the stiffness of the and suspension and aggressive driving characters by the figures. And finally, Prestige! People who are planning to buy Prestige model would definitely love the ballet show. This part of the show narrates what you expect from the Prestige model, refinement and comfort.
One of the best bit was the horizontal led lights, which represent the day lights of the Evoque. Integration of engine sound with dance and music is something totally amazing. Engine noise was turned into engine sound, the annoying mechanical knockings became the part of the dance and the music. It is really hard to explain the show through words, you have to see with your own eyes. And feel this exquisite experience.
This show is a pure creativity and the people who worked in this project made a great job. I am sure that, in future this show will be remembered as a remarkable campaign in automotive industry.
Finally, the music played during the show was also magnificent. Started with Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception sound track) and finished with David Guetta! You can find the audio tracks below and a sneak preview of the show.
For Manchester show

Music from the show; (You can download them from iTunes links.)

Hans Zimmer Time (Inception)
Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap
Xenia Beliayeva Satellite
Burial & Four Tet Moth
Taio Cruz feat Kylie Minogue Higher
David Guetta Feat Rowland When Love Takes Over
Kings of Leon The End
The Verve Bitter Symphony

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