Yin & Yang: Mercedes SLS AMG Cabrio

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent the interconnection of contrary forces. It may sounds a bit difficult, let me explain it with examples. In nature everything has yin and yang aspects; male and female, cold and hot, slow and fast, war and piece, good and bad, coupe and cabrio. This list can go forever with infinite different contrary forces.
Everything happens in the world has a good and bad sides, it is impossible to avoid this. If you wish to drive a super car, you need to pay lots of money. You cannot buy a brand new super car with cheap price tag. Because it is impossible in terms of manufacturing and finance! This is supported by yin and yang. Good and bad complete each other! Super car is the good side and expensive price tag is the bad side.
As you might noticed from the my previous posts, Mercedes SLS AMG is the my least favourite car. I would never ever buy one, except a bargain for a second hand. Honestly, I would still go for a second hand SLR instead of brand new SLS AMG. Because, SLS AMG is not able to reflect anything new like its predecessor 300SL! 300SL featured state of art three litre direct injection engine, but current retro interpretation just offers a 6,3 litre AMG engine with some modifications. This engine can be found in AMG tagged car, nothing really specially. And the design is not my favourite. But this is subjective, someone else can love it. Similar to my sympathy to SLS AMG Cabrio.
This new cabrio is something totally different than the dull looking SLS AMG! With this cabrio, they complete each other like yin and yang. The good is cabrio and the bad is coupe. I was not expecting this kind of state of art retro interpretation of 300SL. Red coloured canvas cabrio SLS AMG is the best-looking cabrio on market! And they did a great job to avoid the metal roof, which kills the all the harmony of open air sensation.
If you are planning to buy a SLS, just wait for the cabrio!

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