24 different Porsche 911 Models

For many years, I was trying to find an answer one of the most basic question of automotive industry. Why Porsche 911 has so many variations! At this moment there are 24 different Porsche 911s, this is the most stretched product line in automotive industry. You can buy any type of 911, which can satisfy your needs, pleasures, expectations, fantasies or anything else! Instead of altering your taste, Porsche alters the 911!
Last week, I had chance to meet with the PR Director of Porsche UK. I have been waiting to talk with someone, who works in Porsche and knows the top-secret answer to this question. Why Porsche has 24 different 911s? And she directly replied; there is always one Porsche, which can match with a different customer needs and each of these 24 models focuses on 24 different consumers characters. As I mentioned, Porsche wills to satisfy any customer, who loves Porsche and increase its profits. This is a very brief explanation but Porsche makes lots of money thanks to stretched product range :)
After all these, I still don’t see the point of offering a S model in 911 range. It fills the gap between raw 911 and Turbo but it also make raw 911 as the cheapest one. Whenever I saw a 911 without S I always think, he didn’t save enough money to buy S or he doesn’t care about the S. Most probably, the second option is more plausible.
Basically, there is no pure 911! There are many 911 and you decide which is the pure 911 for you, not for others.

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