Citroën Saxo in reliability test

I always had some doubts with reliability of French cars; Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. They are not like German cars, but they are not that bad either. French cars tend to make more noise, love to visit workshop more often, interior parts may not look that nice, you might suffer some more problems and etc!
However, they always manage to survive in one piece. I mean, wheels are stay connected with the car, doors are working, engine is also placed roboust enough to cope with the stress. The mechanical parts cause problem but they never tend to evacuate their selves.
Honestly, French cars are opposite French fashion brands. This is the easiest and best way to explain them.
Unfortunately, this video is totally unbelievable. I have never seen something like this before; a car losing its both rear wheels due to hand brake turn. I can accept some cars are not that well-made but come on, major parts of the cars are manufactured for a century and they are at the top of the engineering hierarchy. Everything can go wrong but major parts keep doing their job! But this Citreon Saxo disproof this theory and shows that, even a modern can act like a lego!
I am pretty sure that, the owner was very tough on this car never made a proper maintenance. And started to race directly. Even though, owner’s ignorance behaviour on maintenance, the wheels should be keep moving and stay health after a hand brake turn :)
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