Crazy Idea: Concrete Car Interior

I know the title sounds a bit unusual for automotive industry. Concrete and automotive are totally different words; contemporary meaning of automotive is lightness and concrete is heaviness. This is that basic! But, concrete sometimes looks nice, if you could manage to use it and design it properly. In modern houses, we started to see pure concrete walls instead of wallpapers or colours! I can see that concrete is in a new era.
Like houses, cars are started to offer different interior options. It used to be between plastic and wood. Now you can use have any type of wood, brushed metal, carbon fibre or still the plastic! My suggestion is using the concrete in central console. For sure, I don’t mean to use it everywhere! Using it only in the centre console with the combination of leather or wood can create unique atmosphere.
Concrete is not a very good material for car interior, which has high tendency to vibrate all the time. Therefore, I am suggesting to use concrete only for small areas. It can be used, where the wood is standing in Evoque’s centre console. The advantage of concrete is the ability to provide unique interior to each vehicle. Unlike wood or metal, concrete cannot be same in each car and it will be a unique material to use for car interior.
The main problem, the weight! I am not saying make the entire central console from concrete. It can be only a few centimetres thick, for the area which is occupied by wood, and will not charge extra weight to vehicle.
I won’t be surprised if I see this soon!

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