Mercedes Android

I have been criticising Mercedes for many things; branding habit, pricing, design, option list longer than a novel and etc. However, Mercedes contributes many new technologies to automotive industry and I always mention this. Even though the E Class can be one of the dull sedans on market but it offers state of the art safety technologies. Therefore, I always consider Mercedes as a good option, if you buy the technology pack!
For nearly two years, Google Android became a phenomenon. Google offered its first mobile phone in 2008 and now, they are controlling the market. Nobody was expecting to see experience this dramatic performance. Main advantage of Android system is, being open source! Anyone can change the codes and adapt the operation system to their devices. You can install Android to your washing machine, coffee maker, mobile phone and many other things.
Before Android was available, I was sure that one day Google would introduce something for automotive industry. But I couldn’t guess the software or the application. After the Android concept, it was very obvious that Android is going to be in our cars. Of course, it won’t be controlling the engine unit or transmission; actually it would be appear on the dashboard. Like mobile phone, the navigation screen will turn into a mobile phone screen and you can install application, send email, and search the internet.
Finally, this happened. Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster is offered with Android system, you can install applications, surf on the internet as you experience with your mobile phone. The only difference is, SLS AMG is slightly bigger than a mobile phone. This technology will be available in AMG models but not in cheap model :(
Mercedes offered a real innovation to industry, as usual they did not offer it to every vehicle. I think rival should offer the Android technology to their car range as soon as possible.

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