Speed Date: New Mercedes SLK

Mercedes revealed the new SLK recently. Like previous two versions, it is one of the best-looking car in Mercedes range. As I mentioned in my previous posts, new SLK looks like a small SL, and offers very sophisticated technologies, which can easily out date the SL!

Today topic is not the technology, it is the interactive movie of the SLK, Speed Date. Before starting, the interactive movie has a very nicely designed composition and integrates the technologies of the new SLK in a very nice harmony. Also, they didn’t spoil the story!
However, they made a small mistake during the shootings! The two SLKs, which were used for this interactive movie are not the same. Many people know that, there are couple of vehicles are ready for this type of movie shootings and they supposed to be identical. They have different equipment; this might sound crazy but the vehicles are not identical. Actually, they supposed to be identical to sustain the flow of the movie.
The non-matching equipment is the auto dimming rear view mirror. During the driving sequences, the rear view mirror is not auto dimming one, it can be realised by the small switch or button under the mirror. If you have the auto function, you need to worry about the long beam, which is annoying your eyes at night. Mirror automatically dims itself and reduces the problem. Unfortunately, this equipment is optional in Mercedes and they charge you extra money. I am not complaining, this is the Mercedes style “alles in ordnung und alles ist optional”. Probably the Mercedes team did not realise this minor point and I did not see anything on internet about this.
If I am going to buy a SLK, I would definitely buy most of the options. Unless, it does not look like a proper Mercedes. And they worth to buy! My opinion, go for the SLK 350; 3.5-lt petrol engine which produces 306 HP. Perfect match for SLK.

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