Alfa Romeo MiTo: Louise Dear

People who read my blog frequently know that Alfa Romeo MiTo is one my favourite car. Besides its technological features, it offers an exquisite design that cannot be found on its competitors. MiTo is a vehicle, which combine a perfect design harmony with its front and rear. Usually, when you notice a beautifully shaped front in a car, it may not end up with a beautifully shaped rear! Regardless of the price tag, I have noticed this with many vehicles. However, Alfa Romeo achieved to make a small car with state-of-art design and did not price with lots of numbers. Basically, MiTo is the best looking car for its price! You cannot buy something better looking than a MiTo.
That’s enough with the MiTo! Today, I went to Mailbox shopping centre at Birmingham. This is not something unusual, so why I do mention it! From 28 July to 31 July, Mailbox holds an event with Alfa Romeo and Castle Art Gallery. This might sound a bit interesting, Alfa Romeo and an art gallery!
Alfa Romeo recently revealed a new engine option for MiTo. It is called 1.3 JTDM-2, I know it is not the best branded product, and sounds like a tail number of a plane. But this diesel engine is amazing, despite its small size, it manages to generate 85 horse power and massive 200 nm of torque. For people, who have no idea about torque; 200 nm from a 1.3 lt diesel engine is something really unexpected! And despite its unusual power output, it only pops out only 95g/km CO2 and this eliminates the London Congestion charge. This means, you can go around the London without paying anything all day, honestly there is no point to do this but if you will buy this car you might try it one day! And additional information for emerging markets, this car has a very small engine and this means very low tax!!!
Okay, I am back to art event. Alfa Romeo decided to celebrate this new engine with a respectful artist, Louise Dear. Louise’s “Because I Can” work was printed and covered on this new MiTo model and it will be shown around the UK.
Louise has a different way of painting, in terms automotive she is closer to Audi! She paints her works on aluminium, like Audi uses aluminium to manufacture cars. When I first heard this, I was a bit surprised. An artist uses a technological material as a painting surface. Honestly, this is more spectacular than the MiTo’s 1.3 lt diesel engine. Aluminium gives a unique look to her paints, the curves and edges of aluminium generate a very aesthetic view. I am not an art expert but from my point of view, aluminium changes the way her paints look.
One of the best parts of Because I Can work, there are some hidden Alfa Romeo logos. When you look at the paint, you don’t notice them at the first time but when you look at second time, you notice that bits of Alfa Romeo logos placed very careful inside the composition. Placing car logos into an art work is as hard as producing high amount of torque from a small diesel engine!
Unfortunately, I cannot talk anymore! If you want to see this exquisite work, please visit these places and see the MiTo and Louise’s work.

My suggestion for Alfa Romeo; offer this paint work as a limited edition. The material printed to cover the MiTo is robust enough to resist adverse weather conditions. And it will be a very unique limited edition Alfa Romeo that will be remembered in future. Just limited to 100!

Mailbox (Birmingham)
Preview Evening 28 July, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs until 31 July

Exhibition runs 4 August – 7 August

Preview evening 11 August, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs until 14 August

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