Audi A8 W12 vs. BMW 760i vs. Mercedes S600

All of the vehicles have one thing in common, twelve cylinders. Actually they have more things in common, but I wanted to highlight the most exciting factor. Unfortunately, I did not have chance to drive these cars. It would have been great if drove them. 
But one thing caught my attention. Audi A8 W12 is the newest and least powerful one. Mercedes S Class is oldest, BMW 7 Series older and Audi A8 is the youngest. From this basic ranking, you expect to hear that A8 is the most powerful one, because it is the newest one. This is something, which is expected by everyone. But Audi did not fulfil our expectation and only offered 500 horsepower for the A8 W12 model. For many people it is too much but in terms of marketing, this cars has to have more! I know horsepower race is nearly over but still, it is a good way to increase your sales! But Audi plays for lower CO2 level ;)
Audi A8 W12 offers 500 horsepower, 12,4 lt average consumption and 290gr CO2 level.
BMW 760i offers 544 horsepower, 13 lt average consumption and 303gr CO2 level.
Mercedes S600 offers 517 horsepower, 14,1 lt average consumption and 329gr CO2 level.
What does this mean? Audi A8 W12 is the most environment twelve cylinder vehicle on market.
This basic table shows that newest technology is the cleanest, the most economic and least powerful. Welcome to new world! But I still not confident about the consumers of twelve cylinder cars. Do they really think about consumption while buying a car with twelve cylinders!

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