Audi RS3: Narrow Tyres Syndrome

Most of you should have heard about the new Audi RS3. It is the fastest A3 model currently on planet and it is revealed just before the end of A3’s product life cycle. This last point vehicle offers an unbelievable performance. While its speeding up, the speedometer causes a small typhoon.

It is fast, it is small, it is four-wheel drive and it is Audi. Quattro (Audi’s four-wheel drive system) and Audi reminds me one thing! Understeer! Unfortunately, most of the Quattro vehicles love to under steer thanks to huge weight in the front. Under steer means, steering wheel does not drive you to the direction, which you intend to drive. And this is emphasised by many journalist. Even though, this does not prevent RS3 to be a great car.

Recently, I noticed something interesting on Audi’s website. RS3 has wider tyres at the front and narrower tyres at the rear. I thought it was a mistake by mistyping and did some Google search and I realised that, Audi did this on purpose. In terms of visual appearance, it would definitely look odd. We get use see wide tyres at the rear and narrow tyres at the front. This has been associated in our brain for many years. In other words, this is similar to a Christian Louboutin rain boot! Extremely unusual!

However, I am pretty sure that Audi engineers have a solid reason for this unusual visual appearance. With the current variables (Audi, Quattro and under steer) I can assume one thing, Audi desires to reduce under steer by narrowing the rear tyres. Okay, this might sound a bit stupid. Nevertheless, narrow tyres means less grip and the rear of the RS3 will tend to slip more and reduce the under steer feeling. Still, this is an assumption I did not drives RS yet! And probably, the most senseless one and I don’t think nobody ever think like this :)

I am pretty sure that, some of the owners will accidentally misplace the front and rear tyres when they have a new set of tyres. Because, it is unusual to have narrow tyres at the rear. Anyway, RS3 will be remembered as a car that has the most unusual tyres size strategy on automotive industry including to its performance.
Tyres: 235/35 Front, 225/35 Rear. Both of them are 19″.

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