Mini Inspired by Goodwood

I think I have been waiting for this for very long time. Since 2002, when the Mini was turned to bigger size, I never liked any Mini models. Even though BMW made a great job in terms of design and technology but I could not find a solid reason to like it.
First of all, it is a snob car! Many people bought without knowing anything about the Mini, they only wanted to buy because it was popular. Secondly, you can see it everywhere on earth! I am sure that BMW loved this fact but seeing a car everywhere with the same type of people is not my thing. Thirdly, first two reasons made the Mini my least favourite car before Mercedes SLS AMG.
Hopefully, BMW did something to change my mood towards the Mini. Mini Inspried by Goodwood, this special edition is designed by people in Goodwood where the Rolls Royce is manufactured. As a result of this special moment, Inspired by Goodwood has the best Mini interior ever made in whole human history. Actually, it has one of the best interiors in current automotive market. The harmony of leather, metal, wood and carpet made so well; and this remind me one thing Rolls Royce. Also I forgot all the annoying things about the Mini.
Actually, this Mini is a budget interpretation of Rolls Royce! May be in future like Aston Martin, Rolls Royce may offer a Rolls Royce Mini :) Mini already has Rolls Royce style rear door!

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