Mini: The Rolls Royce has its price tag now :)

Today I have two news! One of them is good and one them is bad. Let’s start with the good one; the price of Mini Inspired by Goodwood is announced and bad one is, it is too much.
My least favourite brand has the most charming model. This is how I define the Mini Inspired by Goodwood. I could not manage to love Mini but this Rolls Royce styled model altered my perception, but only for one model! The Goodwood model is a great composition of Rolls Royce and Mini together in one piece. You have the agility of the Mini and exquisite quality, comfort and design of a Rolls Royce at the same time. As I mentioned, this is the only Mini I would go for!
As this new model is based on Roll Royce philosophy, the price would not be at Mini levels. Eventually, it is expected to be at the Rolls Royce level or Aston Martin Cygnet level !?! This is the new trend, Aston Martin started with Cygnet and Rolls Royce followed by the Mini. Small luxury urban vehicle for people who already have a big luxury car but suffering serious problems to drive them around the city. And they don’t have a good small alternative car for their Rolls Royce or Aston Martin. So, Aston Martin revealed Toyota iQ based Cygnet and Rolls Royce revealed Mini based, Goodwood by Mini. However, there are no Rolls Royce logos or brand on the Mini Inspired by Goodwood.
Okay, the price £41,000! In terms of Euro and US Dollars, this is a lot of money. Because, its target customers are the people who already own a Rolls Royce! So, this is nothing for them. My opinion, wait for one year and buy Mini Inspired by Goodwood as second hand. It would be cheaper and a good deal!

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