Porsche Design Hard Drive

After buying your kitchen, pen, shoes, t-shirt, coat, perfume, knife, coffee machine, toaster and missing a Porsche Design external hard drive. Here it is!

I found the coolest and best-looking external hard drive ever made. It is from Porsche Design. Sounds a bit unusual but Porsche Design also offer external hard drives.

This external hard drive offers 500 GB disk space and that’s all for technical information. It is designed by Porsche Design and it looks amazing! I really don’t care about its USB connectivity or transfer rate or anything else. It is a must have product from Porsche Design. Because, it is one of their best design. Even if you don’t need any external hard drive, the design would definitely provokes you to buy one!

Honestly, I don’t think that it will be a different experience for an external hard drive but if you will buy one, just consider the Porsche ;)

By the way, it is manufactured by Lacie. I really don’t know anything about this firm but as they are sold in respectful technology stores, you may trust them.

This one is 2,5 inch but you can have bigger space and bigger size!

Models are; P9220, P9221, P9230, P9231







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