Reliability of Range Rover Evoque

For very long time, Das Mercedes releases videos of their state of art technology of reliability. I guess, they have been producing these videos for last four hundred years. How Das Mercedes is well made, how it is well checked, how the competitors cannot keep up with them. Actually, you suppose to emerge the last idea from the videos, they never mention it :)
I cannot deny the reliability of Das Mercedes autos expect the years from 1997 to 2004. Those years, the robots, which were supposed to test the reliability of the cars were on long holiday. You can see this on first generation M Class, E Class during (2002-2004) and some other models also. Hopefully, they spend nearly one billion euro to increase their quality. And they did it!
Meantime, the competitors close the gap between Das Mercedes. Fifteen years ago, you can see the reliability and quality gap between Das Mercedes and the others, but now the gap is quite close! And for some particular brands, there is no gap with Das Mercedes. How I know? Land Rover recently revealed a reliability and quality testing stage of the new Range Rover Evoque. In old days, we only see this type of videos with Mercedes cars but now we see Land Rover vehicles! As we can see, Land Rover is going to reveal more reliable vehicles over the years, starting with the Evoque. Please don’t manipulate this sentence and assume that, “current vehicle are not reliable and after this video, they will be reliable”. Of course not! This is just a short summary of what Land Rover has done to improve their quality and reliability for last years.
From my internship experiences from passenger vehicle sales and aftersales departments, some customers cannot be satisfied ever, whatever technology you use!

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