Summer Sales: Vauxhall %20 OFF

I usually ignore the advertisements on internet, like most of you. However, those advertisements sometimes (!) hinder something, which can be very charming. This happened with me a few minutes ago. I accidently clicked web advertisement of Vauxhall. Because, it was really interesting! A car advertisement with these two words “%20 OFF” is extremely hard to ignore.
This is technically something really impossible in automotive industry, in other words; %20 off for a new car means %90 off for a new season clothes at Selfridges, Harrods or Net-A-Porter. Just ask a woman, is it possible to see %90 off in these stores, and she’ll reply “impossible”.
But this time, it is possible. Vauxhall is on sale, %20 for new cars! I don’t know the details but even this part sounds great. If you are considering buying a family car or replacing your old one and you don’t have any passion on any particular brand, just run to closet Vauxhall dealer. I know Vauxhall is a bit dull drive and does not offer new things to market and, etc, etc! These are real facts, Mondeo looks and drive better, Passat is better made; but none of them offer %20 off for a new car. Forget the adverse side of the world and focus on the positive side ;)

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