Brabus Mercedes vs. Price Tag

Brabus, German modification company specialised with Mercedes cars. It is really hard to spot one on the streets, they are very expensive and many people reluctant to pay that amount of money for a modified Mercedes. However, there is a compensation for that price tag! They are fast cars! Even an AMG seems to be slow when it is compared with a Brabus.
Recently, Brabus announced the world’s fastest four-seat cabrio. It is capable of doing 370kph or 231 mph. And accelerates to 100 kph (60 mph) in 3,7 seconds with 800 hp and 1047 nm torque powered engine. These figures are really impressive like its price tag, £421.000 still for a Mercedes. That is the only problem Brabus forgot to resolve.
For this amount of money, you may buy a house, couple of Bentleys, Ferraris, Porsches or Aston Martins. Think of any super car and think again with plural word form. Brabus is overpriced like a Tom Ford sweater. It offers a very high quality fabric with respectful design but in the end, that’s a sweater. Like Brabus, whatever it offers, in the end that’s a Mercedes. That’s why, you don’t see them that much.

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Brabus, Tom Ford

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