Front-Wheel Drive Aston Martin

I think many of you heard the new small Aston Martin. Sorry, micro Aston Martin, called Cygnet. It is based on Toyota iQ, actually except the exterior and interior, everything is the same. As the Cygnet is a luxury interpretation of Toyota, and Aston Martin has to do something. It not very nice to remembered with Toyota. Or in other words, people should not remember the Toyota when they see a Cygnet on street!
In order to avoid this problem, they held a special and exquisite event, a catalogue that explains the luxury character, a vehicle placed at Harrods store, and many other things. And I can clear say that, their effort is really respectful and they achieved their goal! However, there are some interesting bits remained.
As the Aston Martin produces only rear wheel drive cars for last two-three centuries, they are not familiar with the senseless front-wheel drive technology. And this unusual condition demonstrates some interests outcomes. As the Aston Martin does the marketing and writing the contents of specifications, things became complicated!
At Cygnet’s specification, they mentioned this “front mounted engine and differential” and next line “front-wheel drive”. When you first read these, they don’t sound wrong but when you read them again, they sound really interesting. Why? A front-wheel drive car always has the differential positioned in the front, in terms of engineering it is impossible to make a front-wheel drive car with the differential placed at the rear. I know that Aston Martin wants to emphasise the front-wheel drive but this is too much detail. Because, they already mention that it is a front-wheel drive in the following line. So, it is bit extra information.
Now, for the women readers I want to explain this conflicting situation. I mention that a car cannot be front-wheel drive with a differential placed at the rear. If something ever designed like this, it will definitely look high-heeled shoes where the heel is placed in the front and the real heel left with nothing. Technically, it will impossible to walk this kind of wrong placement. What Aston Martin mentions in terms of women terminology, high-heeled shoes with the heels placed at the heel of your feet. This is not wrong information but it is too much.
I added this extra information because, Cygnet received respectful amount of women attention.

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