I Drove It: Mercedes CLS 350 CDi

For the first time, I want to share my opinions on a car, which I drove recently. Usually I don’t write about test drives but sometimes it is worth to share with you. Recently, I drove the Mercedes CLS 350 CDI. CDI means diesel in Mercedes language. As usual, I was expecting a senseless driving experience with the CLS. Most of the Mercedes vehicles I drove for last five years did not give the same pleasure like BMW. I mean the sportiveness!
But this time, things have changed. CLS was not acting like a traditional conservative Mercedes, it was offering a real driving pleasure. Unlike other models, new CLS was a like a magnet. Trying to grab you more and more!
Actually, it was very agile and nimble for a Mercedes on its size. The steering wheel was not like a Porsche 911 but it was much better than many other Mercedes. Diesel engine did not have any turbo lag during the acceleration and offers a very smooth ride. Additionally, the 7g Tronic plus auto gearbox had some reluctance for kick downs but that’s acceptable (Actually many cars have this problem). Suspension was the standard steel springs, which are set to be sportive but also offer comfort. Don’t expect the BMW style suspension settings from a Mercedes.
Unfortunately, interior had some plastic bits and they annoyed me. The plastic parts of steering wheel were below the Mercedes standards but the dashboard was covered with leather. A good trade off! The CLS I drove had the Distronic Plus function. This system is a radar guided cruise control and enables the vehicle to stop and go without the driver’s interference on any pedals. Basically, you set the cruise control speed and just hold the steering wheel. The car slows down, accelerates and stops by its own. This function also offers the BAS Plus brake technology. This system detects a possible front impact and brakes the car autonomously, if the driver does not wish to brake!
Only one thing, I didn’t like! That was the ESP button. Actually, there is no existing ESP button on dashboard. Mercedes engineers decided to remove the button and place it on board computer. This made is very hard to turn off and find inside the menu labyrinth!
For me, it is the only four-door Mercedes offers fun to drive function. Worth to buy? Yes! And you must have the Distronic Plus function, it is the most entertaining function in a car, I have ever seen :) And I love Formula 1 style rear fog light
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