Maybach Facts

I found some interesting facts about the Maybach. If you don’t know Maybach, I would like to provide a brief information. Maybach is the main competitor of Rolls Royce and it is under the Daimler brand. For some people, it is a luxury Mercedes!
The interesting facts about the Maybach; it is the longest production car with 6,166mm long and the heaviest production car by 2,855 kg. This interesting and probably useless information will not change your life or improve your automotive knowledge that much. But when you combine these interesting information with something unexpected, your brain may store Maybach in a better place.
Unfortunately, Maybach is one of the slowest selling production vehicle. Despite all efforts, the sales of Maybach never came close to its main rival Rolls Royce. And currently, the production might be finished! Honestly, I really like this car. I had chance to experience the state-of-art features of the Maybach and I was really impressed.
However, there is one single problem with Maybach. It is too much conservative and too much Mercedes to compete with Rolls Royce.

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