New Porsche 911 (991)

My followers know that I don’t like to talk about the new cars in my blog. There are many places on internet, where you can find information about the new cars. But I cannot ignore the new Porsche 911! A few days ago official photos of the new 911 is released. And I didn’t wish to skip this news.

As usually, 911 doesn’t look that different. Honestly, since the first 911 nothing has really changed. So, preceding model owners happy all the time, they always have a nice looking car :)

But, this model changes everything. I think it is the best looking 911! The raising tail matches with the 911’s curve perfectly and big wheel arches completes the design harmony. New 911 has a great design composition.

New Porsche 911 is lighter, more economical, faster and more powerful!

Carrera: 350PS

Carrera S: 400 PS

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