Porsche Cayman & Boxster: Think Again

When you dream of something, usually you don’t consider the price! I think this comes from the dreams, the ones we see while sleeping not during the daytime. There is a no need use money in a dream, because you can have everything with no financial concerns.
During the day dreaming, we don’t care about money too. I was doing this for Porsche 911. It is a very expensive at everywhere regardless of ruthless import taxes. 911 is an expensive but this never let me down for dreaming. And I always thinking, why people buy Boxster and Cayman while 911 is available.
So, I decided to check the price of a 911 Carrera S (It would be easier to compare with Cayman S and Boxster S). And I immediately notice that, 911 Carrera S is price nearly twice of a Cayman S or Boxster S! My dream car 911 costs relatively too much for the Porsche range. Therefore, many people rush into Cayman and Boxster. Eventually, they are not slow either! Both of them accelerate quite well and offer many 911 technologies with a more reasonable price. And also, Boxster and Cayman are middle engine cars, they will definitely offer a unique driving pleasure. 911 is a rear engine, which means that are lots of weight on the rear wheels.
Buying a Boxster or Cayman is not a bad option for the start ;)
Honestly, Cayman S is not a bad option. For that price, it is better than a BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK. They are not bad cars but Cayman is a Porsche.

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