Topman vs MAN AG

Name similarity, it is very common with people. Especially, if you search your name on Google you will end up with many people have exactly the same name! Unless you are celebrity or a brand, that’s not a big problem. Unfortunately, for brand it is a problem.
Recently, I was checking the London Fashion Week’s website and found out that German diesel engine, bus and truck manufacturer MAN will appear on catwalk. Probably, it would be really hard to achieve a catwalk with trucks and buses. They are not designed for this purpose! At least, trucks and buses have wheels to move but moving the diesel engines on catwalk would be a disaster.
For sure, German MAN is not on fashion week. And there is fashion brand called MAN, actually that is Topman’s MAN but I couldn’t understand why they used MAN brand for the fashion week instead of Topman. Anyway, they probably never thought that someone like me will confuse these two brands :)

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