Audi RS3 Front-Tyre Size Syndrome

I recently mentioned about the new Audi RS3’s interesting tyres size measures (Previous post). The front tyres are wider than the rear ones. This is quite unusual in automotive world, usually the rear tyres are wider for more grips and the front tyres are narrower. And aesthetically, it looks nice too.

However, new RS3 has a different setting for tyre sizes and I assumed that, Audi did this to reduce the understeer by providing more grip on front tyres. And I asked this to Audi UK to test my hypothesis! I thought my assumption may not be right and there will be an another explanation for this. However I was right, Audi placed wider front tyres for more grip and reduce the understeer :)

Tyres: 235/35 Front, 225/35 Rear. Both of them are 19″.

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