Ford EVOS! Don’t Confuse with Volkswagen EOS

EVOS is the Ford’s new concept vehicle, which was revealed in Berlin couple of days ago. And EOS is the VW’s coupe cabrio model. Many of you might have typed Ford EOS on Google, or VW EVOS! And I was expecting this to happen, not something surprising! Ford invented a new brand name that is very similar to an existing brand. Eventually, many people will struggle to remember it properly and hopefully Google will correct the mistake. 
Anyway, let’s focus on new the Ford EVOS. This new concept vehicle is a flash forward of Ford’s new design and technology philosophy. Firstly the design, Ford defines this vehicle as drop-dead four-door fastback. This car has four doors, don’t be confused with the seamless design. Unidentified rear door concept is not very familiar with the Ford, usually we see this with Alfa Romeos. So that’s makes it very clear that Ford is going to shift into a unique design philosophy with the new Mondeo in 2013. 
In 2005, Ford revealed the Iosis concept vehicle and the design concept shift into a totally different level. More competitive and more distinctive. With EVOS concept, I am expecting to see more competitive Ford models in next decade. This indicates one thing, new Ford models will be competing with Audi! They already mentioned this couple of years ago. Ford is targeting to Audi’s segment and they are planning to be there less than a decade! 
EVOS concept vehicle proofs this strategy. EVOS offers more adaptive technologies, new Ford’s will be understanding the drivers’s habits (New Fords will be monitoring driver’s heart-rate and adjusts the vehicles according to driver, no more pushing comfort button for comfort), clean the air more comprehensively with the climate control, connects with the cloud technology. Basically, new Fords will be more competitive than ever. 
I hope that, Ford will not use EVOS brand for production. They should consider the side effects on Google search.
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