Lancia in Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival started last week. If you expecting to read any commentary on the films, you are in wrong place. I am going to comment about the car, which took place during the red carpet. I cannot remember on which channel I watched the red carpet event, but the cars caught my attention!
As the event is taken place in Italy, I was expecting an Italian car brand for the stars’ logistical support. And I was right, Lancia is the sponsor! Venice Film Festival is sponsored by a stylish Italian car brand, nothing sounds wrong with this!
However, there is something going wrong during the event. The cars, which are transporting star to red carpet do not seem to be Lancia; from the back end they are resemblance to Maserati Quattroporte, but from the front they are exactly the same as a Chrysler. So, I did some Google research and I found out that, it is the new Lancia Thema.
New Thema is a combination of Fiat and Chrysler; looking American from the front and Italian from the rear. In other words, it is like a Pizza Hut in Italy! American company makes pizza in Italy :)
By the way, if you don’t from the front end Thema looks quite nice!

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