Mercedes ML63 AMG: Blue Smoke from Exhaust!

I am sure, you might have seen some people accelerating with their superfast cars as soon as they run their engines. Unfortunately, this behaviour is quite common with those drivers. Accelerating like in a Hollywood movie might sound nice but have an adverse effect. The adverse effect is very basic, the engine starts to burn engine oil in additional to petrol!
As soon as the engine starts, it is not possible lubricate every single part of the engine. And accelerating without hesitation leads to scuff the cylinders with insufficient lubrication. You might be thinking, do we have to wait? Of course not. You need to be more gentle to avoid this problem.
Unfortunately, Greek gods do not manufacture car engines and paying lots of money does not change the fundamentals of physics. Whether you have an expensive car or not, if you push the limits of the engine without waiting for couple of minutes would probably end up with the same tragedy. Blue smoke from the exhaust and burning engine oil!
Just watch the smoke from the Mercedes ML63 AMG’s exhausts!
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