Nano: The Most Expensive Cheap Car

Tata Nano is like a fairy tale. It is introduced to market as the cheapest car on market and targeted to people in India to transform their transportation from motor cycle to Nano. However, things did not go as planned! Nano is preferred by rich people in India, as it is very cheap to own and run and the target is missed. Poor did not buy Nano but rich people bought the Nano, everything became upside down. Nano became the posh transportation accessory.

An entrepreneur in India understood this new situation and decided to make this posh car more posh! If rich people are buying to this car, they should get what really they need, gold. This gold version is created from 80kg of gold and 15kg of silver. With this new cover, the cheapest car became the most expensive cheap car with the price tag of $ 4.7 million.
I have only one concern, can this car sustain its performance with this extra 95kg of extra weight :)

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