What is this BMW X4?

I don’t want to talk too much about the BMW’s new vehicle X4. A brief description; X4 is the sportive version of X3, and smaller version of X6. BMW X3 is the small version of X5, we all know this; offers five seats, descent boots space.

However, there is a market gap for small version of X6. Because, X6 is too big and too expensive for some people and competitors may introduce an alternative before BMW does. In order to satisfy more customers and to create a new segment, BMW is going to introduce the small version of X6, which is called X4. 
BMW X4 is going to be a small version of X6 with same concept, 2+2 seating and sportive driving dynamics. From my experience from the new X3, the new X4 would definitely a great car and many people is going to be buy it.
From this branding strategy, I can assume that BMW uses even numbers for sportive model.

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