Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheels are the same!

Interesting coincident with Mercedes models. When you take a closer look to new Mercedes models, you will see one thing in common, the steering wheel. I know it does not sound that important but, Mercedes offers the same steering wheel on these models; B, C (Sedan, Estate, Coupe), E (Sedan, Estate, Coupe, Cabrio), CLS and SLK
The important point is, regardless of the model and the price tag. The steer wheel looks the same, in terms of design and quality. And this is not something really nice to see, when you buy an expensive Mercedes!
Why they do it? In order to save costs, because nobody will ever change decision to purchase a competitor because of the steer wheel. And this save money for Mercedes and sustains the same sales figures ;)
C Sedan
C Coupe
E Sedan
E Coupe
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