Geely: A Safe Chinese Car :O

Shocking news from Chinese car manufacturer Geely. No, they didn’t reveal a competitor to Rolls Royce :) Actually, this news is more shocking than the Rolls Royce competitor, they achieved 4 stars from EuroNCAP crash test!
You didn’t read wrong, Geely Emgrand EC7 received 4 stars from the latest EuroNCAP crash test. According to results; Emgrand EC7 received %75 from adult occupant, %80 from child occupant, %42 from pedestrian and %86 from safety assist. As the EuroNCAP mentioned, Geely is heavily investing on safety and trying to improve their image for being the least safe car on planet!
If you still have doubts about the news, here is the original link to EuroNCAP. Honestly, I highly recommend to check the website ;)

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