Mercedes SLK with Diesel Power

In 1997, the SLK was introduced the market with revolutionary folding hardtop mechanism. There were no other alternative to offer the same technology and SLK became one of the most iconic cars of 1990s.

When it was revealed, nobody thought about a diesel SLK. During those years, diesel was not an option in automotive industry. Actually, no one bothered to buy a diesel instead of a petrol engine. Therefore, SLK was never offered with the diesel. The same tradition carried on with the second generation SLK.
However, the increasing price of petrol and huge demand to diesel change everything. The third generation SLK is now available with diesel option. 2.1-lt diesel engine producing 150 PS and 500 nm torque (it is really high) and achieves 100 kph in 6,7 seconds. With 4,9-lt average consumption and 128g CO2!
World has changed, SLK has changed!

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