Versace for H&M

On Thursday, H&M is going to reveal the Versace for H&M collection. Many people were waiting for this for quite long time. They were waiting to own a Versace cloth without bearing the weight of Versace price tag! And H & M is the master of this, they collaborated with many brands and made many people happy :)
As I mention last years, I am waiting for Porsche Design for H&M collection :) Porsche Design is quite expensive like Versace, also offers very stylish cloths. So why do we wait? Actually, I know the answer, Porsche Design is produced by Adidas. And this makes it quite impossible for a collaboration with H&M.
However, who knows the future! Versace said we would not collaborate with H&M but they did ;) I still have some hope.

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Porsche Design, H&M