Aston Martin Shoes by Sabelt :/

Just show a photo of an Aston Martin to a random person and ask how it looks like? %99 the response will be amazing, spectacular, beautiful and similar synonyms. So, there is not point to argue about the attractiveness of Aston Martin design concept. However, I will argue about the Sabelt Aston Martin shoes.

Sabelt is a company, which supplies racing gloves, clothes harnesses, steering wheels and seat belts comply with FIA regulations. Basically, Sabelt is a business does not involve with normal consumers like us! Unfortunately, Aston Martin skipped this point and decided to introduce Sabelt Aston Martin racing shoes. If you were thinking the Cygnet was a disaster, you haven’t seen these shoes!

In my opinion, these shoes shouldn’t be named under Aston Martin brand. They look fine for racing but not looking fine for daily use. I was expecting to see shoes that have common design clues with Aston Martin cars like Porsche and Porsche Design. These shoes do not have the essence of an Aston Martin.

When a company introduce merchandise to enlarge their consumer target, they should construct a bridge between the cars and the merchandises; like Ferrari or Porsche. Otherwise, it is just sticking their brand to an another product that has nothing to do in common. The design philosophy should be transferred to merchandise products to sustain a long-term consumer loyalty to merchandise store. Otherwise, consumers will buy it once and they will shift to another brand.

If you want to buy them here is the store!

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