Hottest Range Rover Evoque!

I don’t like to mention about these news but as it appeared on social media, I felt a need to mention. Recently, a brand new Range Rover Evoque caught fire in Dubai. And it was taken to video while it happens. 
Whenever a car catches fire, all the media starts to talk about the reliability. However, in most of the cases the fire incident only happened once with that particular vehicle. Therefore, I never like to generalise these incidents with the brands!
Regarding to this incident, Land Rover did not make any official comments and I am sure that, they are investigating the incident. If you are planning to buy a new Range Rover Evoque, please do not get influenced by the video on YouTube. When there is no explanation of the incident and it is just a video, don’t take it that serious. We cannot know what happened to that vehicle, or what was going on the high way. There are millions of possibilities, which can cause this incident. Just know that, every modern car manufactured today is reliable and survives from millions of tests before it is sold on dealer. In worst case, if there is a problem due to design or manufacture, company will resolve the problem! There are many proofs in automotive history for this ;)
In order to cheer up your mood for this bad incident, I found a very funny footage from Family Guy :)

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