Last Post of 2011: Jimmy Choo Coffee Sleeve!

Many people usually say, there is no point to spend money on Porsche Design pen, Ferrari watch or Bentley iPad case! From one point of view, this is right. These products have higher prices due their brand, not based on their functionality. I totally understand this interpretation.

And now, people who complain about Porsche Design or Ferrari store products; tell me what you think about a leather coffee sleeve by Jimmy Choo. This superb product offers to insulate the heat generate by the coffee and transferred to your hand through a leather cover. In normal conditions, every coffee shop provides free sleeve made from paper. However, some people thought this is not showing my style and my wealth. And started to look for other alternatives. As Jimmy Choo realised this opportunity and released a stylish, expensive and a bit pointless leather coffee sleeve!
Excellent gift idea, if you want to buy something from Jimmy Choo!
Porsche Design or Ferrari store are not alone anymore!

If you want to buy!

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