Michelin Bibendum and High Heeled Women Shoes !?!

Today I was looking for the Bibendum on Google Image Search. You just type Bibendum and click to Images on bar top of the screen and it shows you the photos or pictures related with that keyword. Guess what happened? The shoes manufacturer Kurt Geiger released new shoes called Bibendum!

I was really shocked! Bibendum is a trademark of Michelin Tyres. And it is one of the well-known symbols. And I thought, may be Bibendum means something else and I did some research. The result? Nothing! It is the name of Michelin Man and it was introduced in 1894! Quite earlier than the Kurt Geiger shoes!
Honestly, I would not recommend ladies to buy these shoes. Because, Bibendum is associated with fat man inflated with air and represents a tyre brand. When I see a lady wearing these shoes, I would remember the fat inflated guy, sorry!
As you can see, branding is very critical. One mistake may alter the perception from sexy to faty! I really wish to hear from Kurt Geiger and Michelin about this naming incident :) Interestingly, shoes are made from leather, no rubber at all!

If you still wish to buy, here are the links:

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