BMW 640d xDrive

BMW just released the information about the all-wheel drive 640d xDrive. During last decade, Mercedes and BMW increased the portion of all-wheel drive models all over their vehicle range. Like in Mercedes, you may have the xDrive system on any model except 1 Series! I am not complaining about this, however 6 Series always have a special place for me with its rear wheel drive; it is more fun!
I know that all-wheel drive lets you to cope with adverse road conditions and you can drive your coupe freely at any weather condition. Also, the system allows you to have fun but I would still go for rear wheel drive for 6 Series.  Still, it is good to have xDrive on 6 Series!
Engine is a TwinPower Turbo diesel 3-lt produces 313PS with 630nm of torque and accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) in just 5,2 seconds.
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