Interview with Ian Cook, Pop Bang Colour

Today I was with Ian Cook known as Pop Bang Colour for an interview. I was lucky to have an interview with him, probably ten years later, he will be so busy and famous it will take ages to contact with him. Why I said this? Ian draws his paints without the usual brush. He uses something else! Remote controls cars and tyres. Yes, all his paints are done by them. In addition, he is the only person on earth draws like this.
Therefore, I am not surprised how his work became so popular in last couple of years. He created a new dimension in art, no one else achieved before. And I pretty sure that His unique talent is going take place in art history, he will become more famous and ten years later I have to wait for months to have an interview with him.
I cannot say I am an art person and judge the paints. I am just a normal person, no talent for arts. However, when I see his works, I cannot imagine how he creates so many details with just remote control cars and tyres. We all can have these materials very easily but I am pretty sure that, we cannot paint something proper. Controlling the remote control and constructing story in paint is a very complicated process but he achieves this perfectly.
He works is not limited with paintings, also has contemporary sculptures. I had chance to see his works and took some pictures. They are also amazing, I think this type of talent comes from birth. People like Ian have these abilities, receiving the properly education makes them perfect.
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