Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Last week, I visited the HR Owen Lamborghini dealer in London to see the new Lamborghini Aventador. This car replaces the outgoing Murcielago! And you won’t miss it.
Aventador is a state of art car, every bit inside the car is designed from the scratch. The body is from carbon fibre and Lamborghini worked with Boeing during the research & design stage. The new 700 PS V12 engine is totally new, the previous V12 had similar stroke and bore values with outgoing models, but this one does not share anything with previous engines. Like its carbon fibre body, it is totally a new engine. The gearbox; the current trend is attaching a dual clutch gearbox to engine. Ferrari did it, Mercedes did it and some other brands did it as well. It works brilliant but Lamborhini wanted to develop a new transmission with single clutch automatic and it should not be annoying while you are driving around the town. Eventually, they made it! This brand new superb auto gearbox shifts gears in 50ms in Corsa mode and achieves this by a single clutch. Another new technology with Aventador is the push rod suspension. Normally, when you buy a car you will have the suspension positioned as vertical, and you can see this very easily with each car on the road. However, Lamborghini installed Formula 1 style push rod suspension to reduce the body roll and increase the handling. According to Lamborghini, Aventador is the first mass production car with push rod suspension. Push rod suspension is, the suspension is positioned horizontally, you may see them on photos. Finally the acceleration, it accelerates 100 kph (62 mph) in 2,9 sec. This is 0,1 slower than Bugatti Veyron! Just imagine the lightness of the Aventador. And achieves 350 kph (217 mph).
The design might seem similar to outgoing Murcielago but much aggressive and better looking. I never liked the Murcielago that much. But, Aventador is amazing, this is the only car on market, which looks very quick while it is stand still. The jet plane style exterior and interior design made the car charming. As usual, the doors are opening into air and getting inside is really hard. But this a Lamborghini, never forget it.
Hopefully, it doesn’t look that Audi and you have the feeling of driving a jet plane. The instrument panel is full LCD and there is not dials, which I really don’t like. It kills the passion of a sports car and makes it less desirable and turns into a Play Station game. I really wish to see dials on instrument panel. Lastly, the engine start button is under a red switch. You need to move the switch and run the engine!
Lamborghini did a great job and did not spoil the car with too much of Audiness. 
I would like to thank you very much for the HR Owen London Lamborghini dealer for the hospitality.
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