New Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Today Mercedes released the photos and information about the new SL 63 AMG! I hope there won’t be SL 65 AMG, because with these performance figure, it will be really meaningless to offer it. Anyway, this new SL 63 AMG offers more power than ever, there is no point to have more!
So, I need to mention about the engine. Unfortunately, the engine is the same as the outgoing model 5,5-lt twin turbo V8, which produces 537PS or 564PS and 800nm or 900nm of torque. Why I did use the “or”. Because, Mercedes offers additional AMG Performance Package that will give you extra horse power, torque, handling, accuracy and 300 kph (186 mph) top speed. I can assume that with the Performance Package, you would have relatively slow, relative less handling and relatively under powered car.
Anyway, let’s go back to figures. Finally, Mercedes managed to reduce the weight by using aluminium and carbon fibre overall the car. I don’t mean the carbon fibre used in interior design. They used them in proper way. By doing this, this new SL 63 AMG is 1845 kg, less than 2-tonnes is a very good job for a car that offers ventilated seats and radar guided cruise control.
Unfortunately, the AMG engine is not capable of revving very high rpm. I really don’t know why but it is limited with 5500 rpm. Again unfortunately, new BMW 3,0-lt triple turbo powered diesel does the same rpm level. And Ferrari 458 can go up to 9000 rpm! Sometimes Mercedes thinks too much about comfort. Just rev the engine as much as possible :)
When it comes to acceleration, the relative slow model needs 4,3 seconds for 100 kph (62mph) and faster model needs 4,2 seconds! But, the main point is the acceleration while on move, because this new engine has lots of torques. And lots of torques mean one thing, you can accelerate like nothing on this earth! And all these power is sent by 7-speed double clutch gearbox.
I am pretty sure that Mercedes again achieved to make a very powerful sport car that can be driven at lower speed and inside the city. The main problem of very fast cars, they are terrible as low speeds. The gearbox is annoying, there is rear view, suspension is pain and it goes like that. However, Mercedes is perfect combining the both and making a car driveable while, you are going slow.
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