The Best Car on Earth! The Most Complicated Question

The best on earth is the most complicated question on earth! Everyone has a different opinion, even every nation has its unique opinion. Most of the time, people never agree on a single brand for the best! The conversation starts with Mercedes, jumps to BMW, later on Land Rover, just pass by Audi, moves to Aston Martin, quickly ends up with Bentley! In the meantime, someone says something about Bentley and we start overall again.

In order to resolve this very important issue, I end up with making the best car on planet from the brands that we know. First of all, all electronics are made by Bosch and Siemens. You cannot change this, and I am moving on.

Here are my categories for the best car!

Exterior Design | Engine | Transmission | Chassis | Suspension | Interior Design | Safety | Computer Interface | Ignition Key

I start with Exterior Design; I suggest Frank Stephenson as the best designer. His work can be spotted anywhere on earth and probably his designs are more popular than the Da Vinci’s paints! Welcome to world of social media.

Engine should be designed and manufactured by BMW. They offer the lowest CO2 level and efficiency with the best power output. Also, BMW has Formula 1 racing history. Don’t start saying, Ferrari is better. I am trying to find the best of everything.

Transmission should be manufactured by Ferrari. Their new double clutch gearbox is a state-of-art technology, which combines the comfort of a conventional automatic gearbox with the aggressiveness of Formula 1 shifting speed.

Chassis is really important and should be done by McLaren. They introduced the first carbon fibre technology in Formula 1 races and they always use this material for their road cars (Such as; Mercedes McLaren SLR and MP4-12C). In addition, nobody can manufacture the carbon fibre faster and better than McLaren.

Interior Design, this category has one option and it is called Rolls Royce. They are the best in interior design and comfort. All their cars are beyond extreme comfort. You have to experience it, before judging it.

Safety is the job of the Mercedes-Benz. They introduced the ABS, ESP, ASR, crash prevention systems. Nearly every three or four years, they introduce state-of-art road safety technologies and the competitors cannot keep most of the time.

Computer Interface! Unfortunately, automotive industry still is not good when it comes to design user interface for cars. I cannot ignore the improvement, but still the screen quality is low, menus are sometimes complicated, touch screen may not be that good at sensing the touch. So, there is only one company left for this and it is Apple. Just look at the iPhone, iPad or iPod; they all easy to use and work seamlessly.

Lastly the ignition key! I cannot think any other brand than Aston Martin for this job. They are doing amazing job with their crystal ignition keys.

In the end, in order to manufacture the best car, you need to combine many different brands that would lead to destroy the excitement of driving a car! Each brand has its own unique characteristics, which makes them unique and diversifies from others. So, the best car is the best one that satisfy your need, not others!

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