A New Package from AMG

For very long time, AMG was two things for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle; AMG Body Kit and AMG Models. First thing is just a cosmetic amend of the exterior design with louder exhaust and the second thing is the extreme expensive cars. As you can see that there is a gap here, many people want to experience the AMG without paying lots of money or just contented with cosmetic make-up.
Hopefully, Mercedes-Benz realised this gap after some time and decided to release a new package for C Coupe. It is called AMG Plus Sport Package. This package is engineered by AMG, from steering wheel to gearbox everything is at the AMG level. This new package offers double declutch function for the gearbox, it is totally reprogrammed.
And all these can be your with C250 / 250 CDi models, you don’t have to pay a lot of money! I am sure that, this package will be available with other models as well.


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