Face-lifted Mercedes GLK

Mercedes recently revealed the photos of the face-lifted GLK! GLK is the smallest SUV offered by Mercedes and it has design similarities with the G-Wagon. And in my opinion, GLK is one of the good-looking SUVs on market. Unfortunately, the pre face-lift model was not that good, especially for interior quality and it was quite boring! Again unfortunately, it was covered too much with plastic which lead the problem!
Hopefully, Mercedes realised the problem and reduced the amount of plastic used for interior. I think they also realised that Range Rover Evoque is the biggest selling small SUV on market and GLK could not keep with the competition.
Even with this face-lift GLK is not a perfect substitute for Evoque but it offers a good alternative who are not willing to go for the Evoque. The only problem with the Evoque is, it is too popular! GLK is more rare and can be considered as more exclusive that is related due to it rarity.

Lastly, this GLK reminds me a bit of new B-Class but I liked the design bit especially in the rear stop lights and the front look. Hopefully, they did not amend the muscular look from the side. 

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